Getting started

So, are you ready to start this journey? Get in touch with us here and we will aim to come back to you within 48 hours with an inquiry form (we know they’re boring so we’ve kept ours short and sweet!) to help us better understand what you want to achieve. Before your first session, we will invite you to the gym for a touch base over coffee so we can collaboratively agree on your training plan, and show you around the facilities so you’re ready to roll on your first session. Once you have bought your discovery package we’ll book in your 4 sessions within a 2 week period and you’re ready to go. For all of our workouts make sure you bring clothes that are easy to move in and that you feel comfortable wearing when your training.

What to Bring

All you need is your workout gear, and the CP gym has got everything else covered. We have workout towels waiting for you in the changing room alongside essential toiletries. Hairdryers and straighteners are also provided to get you ready for
whatever you do after your session. Staying hydrated when you train is vital. The gym has water stations for you to fill up
your bottles,. After your session, you can enjoy some post-workout recovery in the Front of House Lounge. We offer a full
menu of protein shakes, smoothies, nutritional snacks and award winning coffee.

Medical Conditions & Injuries

If you are concerned about any injury or your health we recommend you seek professional medical advice before starting any exercise regime. In almost all cases a correctly planned exercise plan will bring greater vitality and health to everyone. If you’re still unconfident, please don’t hesitate to contact us and see if we can help you. We pride ourselves on the experience and skillset to adapt exercise plans to a wide array of ability levels and goals.

Moving Sessions

You are entitled to move your session to another time within the same week by adhering to the following:
• If you give 24hrs notice ahead of the session in question, there is no fee
• If the session is within the 24hr notice period, you must pay a £20 admin fee
• The session can only be moved once.
• You cannot move your session to the following week or further.
• You cannot cancel a future session, then move the current session to the future cancelled session’s place.

Late Arrivals & Cancellations

We understand that life sometimes throws curveballs. If you arrive late and we can both over-run a few minutes, then in most circumstances we can keep training to get your workout done. If we have another training session directly after, we encourage you to stay close by and get a few final exercises done whilst we watch over you. Instead of cancelling, we always encourage you to rearrange your session to another time. However if you can’t make it we ask that you let us know 24 hours before. This is to give us enough time to make sure nobody else misses out on that slot. Any sessions cancelled before this window will incur no charge or loss of session. The Personal Trainer is able to cancel the session at any point and there will be no charge or loss of session to the client in this instance.

Terms & Conditions

See our Terms & Conditions here