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Transformation Coach: Fabio Bonanno

Transformation Specialist

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Fabio has 10 years experience helping clients get results in London and across the world, working in London’s and the UK’s top gyms. His approach takes into account lifestyle factors from nutrition and exercise, to recovery and stress management so that clients have a greater chance of success.

He works on clients specific goals and uses behaviour change science to help the client the most out of their time together.

His key focus is to create physical changes and improve a clients health, look and strength while working on mindset to compound the changes so that the client improves outside the gym too.

He’s worked with hundreds of executives and professionals for over 10 years while supporting them to be the best version of themselves. Fabio is continuously growing and expanding his own knowledge and personal development so he can better serve his clients and keep improving his service.

Fabio will be more than happy to have a chat with you about your specific needs and goals to make sure you get the best possible plan and give you the clarity and support you need.


Institute Of Fitness Behaviour Change Certified Level 2 Coach
Precision Nutrition Level 1
Body Transformation Specialist Coach Level 1
REPs level 3 Personal Trainer
Elite Movement Specialist for pain management
ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
Functional Movement Screen (FMS) level 1