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One to One Personal Training

The ultimate bespoke training experience. Perfect for those who require specialist focus and care.

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How Does One to One PT Work?

Start off with the Discovery Package

This consists of 4 x One to One PT sessions conducted over a maximum of 2 weeks. Our expert team will assess your ability level and help you set your goals.


Choose between and membership or package

Our memberships are best for members who want to be consistent, but our packages provide ultimate flexibility. No matter how you want to train, we have options for all.


We create you a completely bespoke training programme

If you require specialist attention, your PT will factor in all your lifestyle requirements and every nuance behind what makes you tick. We have expert programming software that enables us to organise every aspect of our members' journey.


Get unrivalled support

We take a holistic approach and always have your back through your One to One PT journey. No matter what bumps in the road you may encounter, we will find a solution, and you’ll come back.

Ultimate Attention

Receive undivided attention during every training session. We are laser focused and keep you accountable so you achieve lasting success.

Ultimate Support

Your bespoke training programme will factor in all your lifestyle requirements. We go above and beyond and create tailored workouts for home gyms or when on your travels.

The Ultimate Bespoke Training Experience

Our PT’s are seasoned experts and provide a first class service. Our entire ecosystem is focused on achieving sustainable and lasting success for every member. Sign up to One to One PT and receive ultimate focus and a truly exceptional personal training experience.

Frequently asked questions

How much time should I dedicate to training to see results?

We advise you to dedicate 4 hours per week for a period of 3 months to any training regime to see good results. Quick fixes might work, but to achieve sustainable and lasting success it takes time to make a material change to your habits and behaviours.

Will I achieve success faster with One to One PT?

This really depends on your goals, your ability level, and the timeline you have. If you’re a complete beginner and need undivided attention and support, then you might initially achieve success quicker compared to training amongst others. Similarly, if you have a key date to focus on and are training for an event, your PT will create a completely bespoke programme that takes your timeline into account.

Should I start training if I’m injured?

One to One PT is most likely the best option for you if you have an injury or long-term physical issue. We have extensive experience working alongside physiotherapists and doctors to create a truly bespoke training regime to ensure your programme is perfectly built for your success.

Is One to One PT better than Semi-Private PT?

Neither training system is better than the other. It’s about unlocking YOUR best way to train and achieve lasting success. If you have a good amount of exercise competency then we find that the motivation and energy from Semi-Private PT often takes your training to the next level. However, if you need unparalleled focus and support, One to One PT is for you.

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Our one-to-one approach empowers members to achieve their fitness goals. We provide fully-tailored, individual training plans for each of our clients, coaching and motivating you throughout the whole programme.

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