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Corporate Memberships

We provide bespoke wellbeing programmes to Mayfair's high-performance businesses

Host a private corporate fitness event

Put on a memorable experience that is completely unique and will have your team talking about for years to come.

We tailor your private event to cater to all fitness levels and push everyone to their next level.

Our mission is to unite your people, build confidence and inspire them to raise their game.

Ongoing Memberships

Build your bespoke corporate membership with the following services

Private small group PT sessions

Every session is privately reserved for your team members. You can choose the times that work best for your team, and we provide reasonable flex to ensure maximum session utilisation.

One to one support

We understand that every team is made up of individuals. Single support sessions help get the best out of your people and guide the progression of your corporate training programme

Bespoke training calendar

Every business has their own schedule. We work with you to ensure that all your sessions are scheduled at the best time for you to ensure maximum success

Facility access

We're conveniently located next to Green Park and the tube station. Get your business ongoing access to our changing facilities and lockers to keep your people active all year round no matter what their goals are.

Reports and trackable KPI’s

Our objective is to deliver your business wellbeing success. We provide reports and track KPIs to ensure we hit the targets that matter most to your business

Who we work with

We're passionate about everyone's wellbeing and believe that inclusivity and accessibility are the secret to unlocking your team's potential

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