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The 4 Pillars Of Athletic Training: Our Approach


Words by Common Purpose Team

Published 18th March 2020

A “holistic” approach to health and fitness seems to be the buzzword within our industry nowadays, but what does this actually mean? Can it be defined? We’ve asked ourselves this very question and have consequently come up with “The 4 Pillars“. These pillars are the foundations on which the Common Purpose approach is built. We believe that if we are able to help clients find balance within this framework, any goal can be achieved.

Every time we work with a new client, we structure our initial consultation around these 4 Pillars and build a plan to improve each. By reducing the number of variables and simplifying the methodology, we’ve seen countless clients find a renewed motivation, which in turn creates exceptional results. Rather than keeping this secret sauce behind lock and key, we wanted to share our approach to try and help as many people as possible unlock their health and fitness potential. That’s why we’ve created an 18-page ‘4 Pillars’ guidebook that is available for free by completing the form at the bottom of the page. To give you a flavour of what’s inside, here’s an overview of our ‘4 Pillar’ approach…


We are what we eat….literally. Our bodies are constantly generating new cells and a majority of the materials which make them come from our diets. Optimal nutrition is a difficult thing to define and is different for every individual. Having said that, we do believe there are fundamental constituents to all good nutritional plans which should be adhered to.


No two training programs should be the same. Everyone has their individual exercise history, needs and goals. Much like nutrition however, there are foundational, evidence-based training principles we use to guide our exercise programs. In short, they need to be progressively challenging and just as importantly, keep our clients motivated and engaged!


Often overlooked and underestimated, especially amongst the general public, recovery and restoration is a crucial element to everyone’s health and fitness. It is said that you are only as fit as the workout you can recover from and inadequate recovery leads to a decline in function over time. We work closely with our clients to help them optimise this aspect of their wellbeing, ensuring they are able to continue to meet the progressive demands of their training program.


We are sometimes our own worst enemies and we often get in the way of reaching our full potential. Be it the routines we fall into, the stories we tell ourselves or the excuses we come up with. We create mental barriers and often don’t have the confidence or motivation to overcome them. None of us have it all figured out, but at Common Purpose, we try to build a sense of accountability, responsibility and awareness within ourselves and our clients. We aim to reinforce a mindset built around resilience and growth, which we believe are crucial to success.


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