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David Khabie-Zeitoune

David has been a member for 5 months. See what he has to say...

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What was the problem you were experiencing before you started training with Common Purpose?

My training had gotten into a bit of a rut and I had various ‘old man’ problems like a bad lower back and poor hip mobility issues, which were starting to get in the way of my usual workout routines. I also had some specific body composition targets to develop my shoulders and arms.

Have you previously tried anything else to achieve your goals? If so, what was this?

I have a long training history but mainly trained on my own. I have followed various exercise programmes that I received from other PT’s, and I’ve done various gym classes too. In the end, my training had started to stagnate a little for the reasons above.

What results have you achieved working with Common Purpose? (Don’t worry if you can’t remember specific numbers and figures, we have this all on record)

I’ve certainly noticed gains in my upper body, for sure! More importantly, Dan (my trainer) has been very attentive to my hip and back issues and given me a whole set of safe substitutes for certain exercises that were putting undue strain on my lower back.

What was the best thing about achieving this?

Not just being able to continue training, but also excel and progress without constant injury. I’ve certainly developed stronger back supporting muscles and core strength too.

What’s your favourite exercise or workout and why?

The pendulum squat machine. It’s one of the more unusual resistance machines in the Common Purpose gym, but it’s great for isolating the quads and thighs without really putting any load through the spine at all. In that sense it’s a bit similar to a hack squat machine, but much more targeted! 

What’s your least favourite exercise or workout and why?

Funnily enough it’s the pendulum squat machine again. It’s brutal!

What other benefits have you enjoyed as a result of working with Common Purpose?

The club has a real sense of camaraderie, amongst the trainers, front-of-house and other clients. It genuinely feels like a ‘family’ and that makes working out more fun and I feel more motivated than ever before. I think a big part of this is because Dan and the other trainers are very attentive and really care about their clients’ wellbeing and training outcomes, unlike other PTs for whom the relationship can be much more transactional.

What do your friends and family think of your new lifestyle and your commitment to personal training? 

Several of my friends, colleagues and family members have also trained with Common Purpose… so they must approve!

What would you say to anyone considering working with Common Purpose and why?

There are lots of low quality PTs out there keen to take your money; don’t waste it! Common Purpose trainers are the best out there and I’ve worked with many different PTs at a wide range of gyms, including some of the more high-end elite brand names. The Common Purpose trainers design programmes that are rigorous, based on a solid understanding of their clients’ physiologies and objectives and systematic in their approach. Trust me, they know what they’re doing!