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Gabriel Boyle

Gabriel has been a member for over 6 years. See what she has to say..

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What was the problem you were experiencing before you started training with Common Purpose?
For years I had trained with different Personal Trainers but had not seen any great results. I was feeling unmotivated and knew I had to make a change.

Have you previously tried anything else to achieve your goals? If so, what was this?
I used to run a lot as well as train in the gym but due to injuries, I can’t run anymore.

What results have you achieved working with Common Purpose?
I’m the fittest, strongest and leanest than I’ve been in years, and I always feel better when I’ve exercised! But like anything in life, it’s an ongoing battle though, you can never rest on your laurels.

What was the best thing about achieving this?
What I’ve achieved with the Common Purpose team has allowed me to manage a very active, busy and often stressful lifestyle much more effectively. I feel better for it, both physically and mentally.

What’s your favourite exercise or workout and why?
Anything that gets my heart rate, works me hard and gives me a full-body workout. I love a good circuit.

What other benefits have you enjoyed as a result of working with Common Purpose?
I very much enjoy working with Tiago and more recently Sam too and feel extremely well looked after. The additional scheduling benefits allow me to continue training even when my trainer takes a very much deserved break from work.

What would you say to anyone considering working with Common Purpose and why?
I would highly recommend it but it is undoubtedly a very big financial and time commitment and therefore wouldn’t suit everyone. Personal Training is not cheap and is time-intensive. But personally, I’d highly recommend it! The ROI is there for sure.

Have you had to cut back on other costs to afford personal training? And was it worth it?
Yes and yes!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you team Common Purpose for all your help and hard work. You’re doing a great job and please keep it up!