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Dan Carpenter

Technical Director

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Upon graduating with his Sport and Exercise Science degree in 2013, Dan went straight into the personal training industry. He cut his teeth working for a private personal training gym in South Kensington, where he rose to a senior trainer position. After 5 years of experience (he took a year off to travel), he then took the leap and joined Common Purpose in 2019, where he helped build the companies roster, and became the chief content creator for the companies website, publishing over 60 in-depth articles, covering all aspects of health, fitness and wellbeing.

Dan has always been interested in the physiological and psychological aspects of using exercise training as a transformative tool for self-betterment and optimising health. The fact that we can gain strength, resilience, confidence and self-belief through the discipline of exercise has always fascinated him. He quickly realised that nutrition, recovery and mindset are just as important to the pursuit of health and wellbeing as the exercise itself and strives to keep up on the latest research across the full span of health and wellbeing.

Dan now has nearly 10 years of personal training experience and admires all disciplines which require the expression of human movement and the body’s full capabilities, particularly martial arts, functional movement training and bodybuilding.

It is Dan’s objective to lead and create a training experience for Common Purpose members that is not only engaging and motivating, but also produces results and is backed up by fundamental training principles that have stood the test of time.


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