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3 Top Tips For Losing Belly Fat Without Gaining Muscle


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Published 7th October 2021

Belly fat is notoriously difficult to lose. From our experience, it’s often the last place fat is lost, so it takes a bit of time and patience to see results. Unfortunately, you can’t “spot reduce” fat in specific areas, but ensuring you control your energy balance over time is the best way to lose belly fat. We have put together some tips and facts to help you further.

A word of advice from us: building muscle is hard. If you are worried about building excess muscle because you have started lifting weights as part of your exercise program, or you are doing an exin fifty sit-ups a day, stop worrying. Building a lot of muscle takes the right nutrition, workout program and consistency. Also, the aesthetic look that most people are looking for (toned and sculpted) actually requires a combination of fat loss and muscle building.  “Bulking up” requires lifting heavy weights and lots of food over a long period of time (some natural testosterone helps as well!). All of which are difficult to attain, especially if you are trying to lose fat.

Eating “cleaner” meals, frequently throughout the day

Nutrition plays a large part in any fitness program, which is why it is one of our four pillars. Eating smaller meals made of low calorie, whole foods frequently throughout the day may help you maintain a calorie deficit without feeling too restricted. 

Replacing processed foods in your diet with fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, will also help allow you to eat more volume whilst keeping calories low, as well as increasing micronutrients and fibre which are really important to stay healthy. Take more time to prepare and cook your own meals. By cooking your own meals with natural ingredients, you will have more control over your calorie intake and avoid the pitfalls of processed foods.

Increase energy output with daily steps and cardio 

Whenever you are trying to lose weight, increasing daily activity (step count) and starting a cardiovascular exercise regime will help. While your improved nutrition and meal plan will help replenish and fuel your body, the regime will help increase energy expenditure aiding you in your goal to enter a  slight calorie deficit and help you get lean. 

Of course, to get the results you are looking for, you will need to be consistent. That does not mean you cannot take some diet breaks here and there, but they should be planned and deliberate (as opposed to uncontrolled binges) and they should help you stay committed and consistent so that you begin seeing results. 


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